Student’s life is much more fun when you travel.

There are different ways of travelling: by air, by sea, by train, by car, by coach, etc. As for me, I like travelling by train, because it’s very nice and comfortable, especially if the journey is not too long.

For instance, I often go to Moscow by train. When I do so, I usually go by a passenger train, but in a sleeping car. I like lying on the upper berth, because from there I can enjoy beautiful views. As I never know how long I’m going to stay in Moscow, I always buy a single ticket. I prefer travelling light, that’s why I have only one piece of luggage with me; a small rucksack. I don’t like anybody to see me off, that’s why I arrive at the station alone, get on my train and take my berth. I like to get acquainted and chat with other passengers, because we have to spend several hours together and it’s always nice to have a good company. If it’s an evening train, I wait for the attendant to bring in the bedding, make up the bed and fall asleep. The route from Saint Peterburg to Moscow is a very busy one and the trains always leave on the dot and run to schedule. So, when I wake up in the morning, I’m already in Moscow.

As for travelling by air, I consider it to be less exciting, because visibility is often poor and you can’t see anything at all. Though, it must be very convenient for businessmen who are always in a hurry and can’t afford enjoying picturesque views. But there is one way of travelling which I think to be much more pleasant than all the above-mentioned ones. I have never experienced it myself, but I hope to. That’s a travel by sea or river. My best dream is to make a voyage along the Volga River and I hope that one day this dream of mine will come true.

Make up lexical pairs using the words given below.

Ways of views

Booking station

Railway train

Express ticket

Passenger office

Sleeping luggage


Return car

Piece of

Upper berth

Picturesque travelling

Which sentences are wrong?

1. There are many ways of travelling.

2. I like travelling by train.

3. I never go to Moscow by air.

4. I usually go by an express train in a dining car.


What do you call?

· a ticket for a trip from one place to another and back again;

· a place for someone to sleep in a train;

· one of the separate areas into which a plane, ship or train is divided;

· someone whose job is to carry traveller’s bags at railway stations, airports etc.;

Read and translate the dialogue.

A: How much is the return to Stockford, coming back next Friday?

B: 118 pounds. A single’s half that price – 59 pounds.

A: Is that the first-class price?

B: No that’s a standard ticket. Do you want first class?

A: Er... no, standard is fine. What time’s the next train?

B: In about two hours – at 4.15.

A: Is it direct?

B: No you’ll have to change at Allchurch.

Study the following dialogue and make up the dialogue of your own.

David: Are you going to take a vacation next month?

Mary: Yes my family and I are going to St.Petersburg for a week. We want to see that beautiful city.

David: I envy you. I haven’t had a vacation for years. I wish I could get away for a while.

Mary: You can take a vacation soon, can’t you?

David: No, there’s too much work to do. May be next year, though.

Read, translate, retell

A: Я давно тебя не видел. Ты был в отъезде?

B: Yes, I’ve been on vacation.

A: Где ты проводил свой отпуск?

B: I was in a holiday centre.

A: Где это?

B: It was in Zelenogorsk.

A: Ты ездил туда один или с друзьями?

B: I went there with my friends.

A: Вы хорошо отдохнули?

B: Yes, we enjoyed ourselves. Almost every morning we went fishing. In the afternoon we sometimes played tennis or went swimming.

VIII*.Read the text and answer the questions given below.

Old Country Advice to the American Traveller.

(After William Saroyan)

One day my uncle Melik travelled from San Francisco to New York. Before he got aboard the train his uncle Garro paid him a visit and told him about the dangers of travel.

“When you get on the train”, the old man said, “choose your seat carefully, sit down and do not look about.

“Yes, sir”, -my uncle said.

“Several moments after the train begins to move”, the old man said, “two men wearing uniforms will come to your compartment and ask you for your ticket. Ignore them. They will be impostors (самозванцы).

“How shall I know? ”, my uncle said.

“You will know”, the old man said. “You are no longer a child”.

“Yes, sir”, my uncle said.

“On your way to the diner a very beautiful young woman will run into you”, the old man said. “She will be very attractive, and your natural wish will be to become friends with her. Don’t do this, go into the diner and eat. The woman will be an adventuress.

“A what?”, my uncle asked.

“An adventuress”, the old man shouted. “Go and eat. Order the best food,

and if the diner is crowded, and the beautiful woman sits at your table, do not

look into her eyes. If she speaks, pretend to be deaf”.

“Yes, sir”, my uncle said.

“That’s the only way out of it".

“Out of what?”, my uncle said.

“Out of the whole trouble”, the old man said, “you’ll pass through the smoker. There you will find a game of cards in progress. The players will be three young men. One of them will invite you to join the game. Tell them you don’t speak English.

“Yes, sir”, my uncle said.

“That is all”, the old man said.

“Thank you very much”, my uncle said.

“One thing more. When you go to bed at night, take your money out of your pocket and put it in your shoe. Put your shoe under the pillow, keep your head on the pillow all night, and don’t sleep”.

The old man went away and the next day my uncle Melik got aboard the train and went to New York. The two men in uniforms were not imposters, the young man with the doped cigarette did not appear, the beautiful woman did not sit at his table in the diner, and there was no card game in progress in the smoker. My uncle put his money in the shoe and put the shoe under the pillow and put his head and did not sleep all night the first night, but the second night he decided to sleep.

The second day he himself offered another young man a cigarette, which the other young man accepted. In the diner my uncle went to sit at a table with a young lady. He started a card game in the smoker, and long before the train got to New York my uncle knew everybody aboard the train and everybody knew him.

The journey was a pleasant one.

When my uncle came back home from New York, his uncle Garro visited him again.

“I see you are looking all right”, he said. ”Did you follow my instructions?”

“Yes, sir”, my uncle said.

“I’m pleased”, he said.

IX*. Answer the questions.

1. What kind of person do you think uncle Garro was?

2. When do you usually seek other people’s advice?

3. Which of these quotations from the fables of Aesop would go with the story?

4. What is the message of the story?

People often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves;

Never trust advice of a man in difficulties.

X*.Read and retell the dialogue.